Raven’s Run starts with a bang, pulls you in, and makes you think. I often wondered if I was reading a conspiracy satire or a future history. And I kept reading. This novel is a Thriller on the bleeding edge of reality.”

Jerry Pournelle, Legendary Best-Selling Author

“John D. Trudel knows his way around a good story. Raven’s Run serves up a giant helping of fascinating history along with memorable characters and hair-raising suspense. Bravo.”

Anne Hillerman, Award-Winning & Best-Selling Author of Spider Woman’s Daughter
Soft Target stands head-and-shoulders above any contemporary SpecOps novel of my recent experience. I am standing by for sequels! As a career-long SEAL, I find it encouraging that you went to such lengths to make Soft Target so true-to-life.”
Captain Larry W. Bailey, USN (Retired)

“Marine General Mike Mickelson reports to one person only, but if caught he cannot tell. With the help of the beautiful daughter of an old friend, who is missing, Mike is after Arab bioterrorists inside the US, but can he escape the clutches of their unwitting and willing accomplices in our own government? A military techno-thriller set in the modern day Global War on Terrorism, which is a must-read for anybody who likes suspense, intrigue, romance, and lots of action. I highly recommend SOFT TARGET, but be warned, you will be rubbing your red-rimmed eyes at 3AM, because you will not be able to set the book down.”

Don Bendell, Vietnam Vet, Green Beret officer and top-selling author of 26 books, including his 2009 novel Detachment Delta

“A superb governmental thriller in the flavor of Mr. Trudel’s Privacy Wars. This time a virus called ECP is introduced to the world and there are issues with the vaccine. Trudel has again created a novel with one thrill ride after another. This is an enjoyable read, with a fantastic winding plot and well defined characters. I give it a five-star rating only because there is not six. Trudel has done it again!”

G. R. Holton, Award winning author

“I really hate books like this. Fiction that could be reality at any moment of any day and then I have to stay up all night to finish it to see what happens! I hope it works out this well in real life. A very worthy read.”

Edward Jensen, Reader, posted on Amazon

Raven’s Run is a perfect blend of history, politics, fiction with a little prophecy thrown in. Each chapter keeps you coming back for more. Can’t wait till the next one”

James Robinson, Reader, posted on Amazon