This is the third book in the award winning Raven’s series.

Raven’s deep-black team thwarts several terrorist attacks on America. President Blager, having twice survived assassination attempts, now trusts them.

Josie, a paranormal viewer, is a national resource. She can see what others cannot. Raven’s job is to protect her, but America’s enemies have allies in high places. His team is targeted.

The book opens with Raven and Josie isolated in a compromised safe house. They warn that a jihadist kill team is coming. The government sends an FBI counterterrorism unit which is overwhelmed by a military force with heavy weapons. California asserts purview of the crime scene.

An underground Iranian Quds base is discovered by Josie. This is an act of war, invasion, a foreign military base with WMDs on America soil. The base is protected by “Cal-Exit” State officials, Washington insiders, and Mexican drug cartels.

While the military is pondering what to do, Raven and Josie are left to innovate. It leads Raven to extreme actions and involvement with a beautiful spy run by a legendary Russian spymaster. Despite common interests, the Russians can’t be trusted.

Russia and Iran are allies. Raven needs help, but his working with Russia is unsanctioned, off the books, and under a false flag. Staying alive may pose a more difficult challenge than dealing with Quds.

Amazon labels books like mine “political thrillers and suspense.” I prefer “realistic thrillers.”

Thrillers are fiction until it happens!

Raven's Ressurection by John Trudel
Raven's Ressurection by John Trudel



“John D. Trudel is one of the best writers in the Thriller genre, with his own unique voice and style. Raven’s Resurrection, his 6th novel, raises the bar. It’s a great read. Recommended!”

Robert Dugoni, #1 NY Times Best-Selling Author
“John D. Trudel’s latest Raven book moves at a lightening pace from vividly portrayed action to well-calculated psychological tension. Tight, cinema-graphic writing put the readers in a dangerous world that much resembles a darker version of the current USA. You’ll want to keep the doors locked and the shades down!”
Anne Hillerman, Best-Selling Author, Song of the Lion
“I gave my signed copy of this book to my sister in California. I want a new one. This is actually happening. It is real. I wanted her to see it in writing.”
Bruce, Aviation Professional, comment at a private event
“Another great read! John continues with another tech, military, and of course romance novel. I forgot action. I have read all of his “Raven” series books and never been disappointed!”
Art F, Reader, posted on Amazon

“Great news! . . . You are bringing excitement and intelligence back into the classic art of thriller literature.”

Tom Winike, Reader, posted on FB

Raven’s Resurrection is Trudel’s best Thriller yet. Compelling characters, deadly weapons, Washington intrigue, ruthless jihadists, a secret Iranian Quds base, and deadly Russian spies as dubious allies. It could be real. You pray it’s not.”

Paul E Vallely, MG US Army Ret.
Raven’s Resurrection is an epic tale that is as close to reality as a thriller can be. Trudel weaves a complex series of events into a ‘can’t put it down’ novel that will have you looking over your shoulder at every turn.”
Joseph Badal, Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author, Sins of the Fathers

“Trudel continues the excellent Raven’s series with another powerful thriller. The character of Raven continues to evolve. This is a book that you will get totally immersed in and won’t want to put down.”

Michael Connelly, Novelist and Constitutional Lawyer

“I’ve read all John’s novels. All of them. We’ve done many interviews talking about how his stories keep turning real, predicting events. This book, Raven’s Resurrection is his best one yet!”

Jayne Carroll, Radio Host