Special offers for selected Libraries

As a novelist, there is a special place in my heart for libraries. Some of you have been most kind in hosting signing events for my novels. In part this is to show my thanks for your support, and in part it is to help. In this time of rolling unemployment and recession, several libraries have told me they were facing budget problems, so this page is to make a special offer for selected libraries who wish to stock copies of my novel God’s House.

If you will hit my contact button, put “Library” in the message line, and give me your address, email, and phone number, I will send you a free, signed copy of God’s House.

This limited offer is first-come, first-served, and limited to libraries in the United States. Up to four books per month will be donated at my discretion. This is an experiment for 2012. Please let me know how you like this program, and if you think it should be continued or expanded. If you have any ideas for how such donations might be funded (I receive no publisher subsidies), please let me know.

My normal policy is also to donate a paper book to libraries and bookstores hosting my signing events, and to local media willing to offer a book review. Please contact me, and let’s talk. Thank you for your interest in my novels.


John D. Trudel, Author