My paper novels are available wherever books are sold. Any bookstore in the world can order them through their normal channels, but my paper books published by CreateSpace (= Amazon) are not returnable. Bookstores hate that! So, since 2017, I have been republishing my novels on Ingram Sparks, a publisher loved in the industry as more “bookstore friendly,” who puts my novels in all the Internet channels, including on Amazon. My e-books are available on any platform or channel in the world.

2019 saw the release of my novels as audio books. Raven’s Run was the first. A sample of the first three chapters is up for free on this page.

This order page has “one-click links” to some of the largest book sellers, plus a listing of some 60 other good sources of e-books. You can get my e-books most anywhere. As an Indy author, I try not to take sides in “the book wars.”

If I’ve missed any major channels, please have them contact me so I can list them here as well.

“The largest bookstore in the world.”

Kindle Prime = free, fast shipping.

Large Internet Bookstores

Kobo has biggest Market Share in Canada and worldwide.

Help a local bookstore – ask them to check out my novels!

“Support a small business.”


Libraries can order books through their normal channels in both eBook and paper formats. Please ask your local library to stock the book. Thank you.