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Prelude to “Reality Prism”

Mindless War is being published in advance of the release of “Reality Prism” to set forth a foundation of TRUTH for cultures and societies. The United States and its citizens must awaken and bring forth a better understanding of events being witnessed in the 21st century. This is no time to be asleep and unaware of global actions and events that are destroying the traditional fabric of nations and their populations.

From the time our Constitution was framed Americans argued intensely, but honestly. It was one of our strengths. Quite often, widely differing groups would come to better solutions then either had advocated. [No, it did not always work. There was a Civil War that almost destroyed us.]

We were multiethnic, but of a common culture. Our own unique culture. The motto E Pluribus Unum,

“One out of Many,” first proposed by the First Continental Congress in 1782, summed it up perfectly. There were countless benefits: equality under the law, freedom of religion, strong families, a striving for exceptionalism, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. We were safe. We were prosperous. Life was good. We were living “The American Dream,” and the entire world knew it.

It appears we have mindless leaders (Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are good examples) believing people are mindless who can be controlled by the snobbish “global elitists” and their puppets. And so it is that our enemies, foreign and domestic, now work to destroy America by exploiting our freedom and tolerance, by dividing us into polarized groups. They have worked at this not for years, but for decades. Even China, now our greatest foreign threat, meticulously avoids nuclear threats. It is winning by a mix of biowarfare and 4th Generation Mind War, with the bioweapons funded by US taxpayers.

“Mindless War” and its prelude to “Reality Prism” delves deeply into the “Minds” of the Globalists, their ideology and plans for future domination.

Mindless War by John Trudel

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The Calvary isn’t coming…

Gen. Vallely is an amazing voice for those who are concerned about the future of the country in light of the current events worldwide. The Fourth Estate is dead. Our media has been captured. Don’t think so? How do all stations have the same ‘phrase of the day’ or talking points? (Only Fox is slightly out of step, but even their reporters/personalities aren’t allowed to tell the whole truth). This is a sliver of proof of what we are watching – a coordinated effort to destroy not just our way of life, but all independent lives worldwide. This failure of the media and our progressive politicians to throw us over a climate cliff is what has lead us to where we are now…smack dab in the middle of a color revolution in all Western/European capitalist nations marked by energy shortages and now pending famine. Leave it to those in power to create a good crisis and have the answer they want you to embrace in hand while simultaneously running interference for a treasonous administration (just follow the ‘new’ Hunter Biden storyline).

The good General has the experience, the knowledge, and the temerity in today’s volatile environment to help those who are willing to help themselves. This is an amazing e-book that only hints at the amazing truths found in The Reality Prism. I can’t wait to read the full tome come September. Thank You for your unique voice in a world of people who can’t seem to think for themselves anymore and for continuing to provide solid leadership in areas that are rather opaque to many of us common folk (ie – not military).”

Laura Perry, Reader, posted on Amazon
“They must be stopped!

Reviewed in the United States on July 15, 2022

Julie H, Reader, posted on Amazon

Enlightening Redpill Shortcut

Reviewed in the United States on June 28, 2022

Broylermaker, Reader, posted on Amazon

“The Simmering Frog

Reviewed in the United States on June 30, 2022

Years ago, a mentor told me that America was a simmering frog. Placed in cold water, with the temperature gradually rising, the frog becomes too lethargic to jump out when it finally perceives it is in mortal danger. Today’s situations in every aspect of our lives reveal that the water is boiling now. Thank goodness we have Gen. Vallely, with his expertise and writing skill, to help the “frog” realize the severe danger, identify the source, expose the methodologies used against us, and most importantly offer a way to safety and to freedom once again. This has the ring of truth. It is an important read. It is a patriot’s contribution to the country he loves. I highly recommend this!”
Lee, Reader, posted on Amazon

An important, “must read” book

Reviewed in the United States on June 28, 2022

Leonard Murphy, Reader, posted on Amazon

“John D. Trudel knows his way around a good story. Raven’s Run serves up a giant helping of fascinating history along with memorable characters and hair-raising suspense. Bravo.”

Anne Hillerman, Top Selling Author