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George Raven is a phantom born of myth. He was fired with prejudice by the CIA for being too harsh with a terrorist. But there were others who valued his talents. They scrubbed his past, named him Raven, and put him to use against America’s enemies.

His deep-black team has thwarted several terrorist attacks on America, and twice saved U.S. President, Peter Blager, from assassination.

Raven and his partner, Josie Lynch, are an odd couple, a mix of darkness and light. She is a paranormal viewer, a national treasure. Raven’s existence is all about violence. Josie sees what others cannot across time and space, but violence traumatizes her.

Josie finds threats. Raven prowls the realm of darkness to neutralize them. He hunts down monsters in their lairs. His chief job is to protect Josie, but now, in Broken Oath, they must jointly go on offense to protect America.

A threat is growing along the invasion corridor from Venezuela up into Mexico and across America’s southern border. Venezuela has replaced Syria as the global chessboard. The players are a toxic mix of enemies: drug cartels, Russian spies, Cuban thugs, socialist dictators, and some traitors in Congress.

One thing is certain: If the team finds itself in jeopardy, they are on their own.

Broken Oath by John Trudel
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Ravens War is real! The invasion route.


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“John D. Trudel is one of the best writers in the Thriller genre, with his own unique voice and style. Broken Oath, his 7th novel, raises the bar. It’s a great read. Recommended!”

Robert Dugoni, #1 NY Times Best-Selling Author
“This book is not to be missed!”
Laurence O'Bryan, Best Selling Thriller Author, Ireland

Broken Oath presents a courageous team of good guys, a brilliant female protagonist, and evil actors you will love to hate. The book’s rapid-fire action and tension delivered through rapid fire prose and authentic dialogue will leave you breathless and begging for more.

This is a thriller that makes you wonder what Author John Trudel knows and if his fiction will again become reality.”

Joseph Badal, Tony Hillerman Award-Winning Author of Payback

Broken Oath is Trudel’s best Thriller yet.  Compelling characters, deadly weapons, Washington treason, ruthless cartels, Cuban paramilitary thugs, and deadly Russian spies as dubious allies. It’s a vision of a possible future conflict of powers, one that could ignite a new missile crisis in our hemisphere.”

Paul E Vallely, MG US Army (Ret), Chairman - Stand Up America Foundation

“Book four in Trudel’s Award-Winning Raven series is a great read. A small team takes on America’s most deadly enemies, both foreign and domestic. It makes you think and reminds you of past masters like Vince Flynn and Tom Clancy. It could be real. You pray it’s not.”

Dr. Jerome Corsi, NY Times Best-Selling Author

“John Trudel has already proven that his story telling talents are right on par with the best of the authors of the genre – Thor, Coes, Flynn, Mills.  Now comes the fourth of his Raven novels, Broken Oath, and Raven’s in the thick of it again. What a romp!”

Victoria Taft, Radio and TV commentator and the voice of the Raven audiobooks