Invisible Treason in America

America and its citizens have witnessed a betrayal in our blessed country for several decades. Hostile acts by foreign and domestic enemies have focused on fundamentally changing America forever and dismantling its traditions, values, and rights so eloquently stated in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Our freedoms have been eroded by a corrupt federal government that has politicized and weaponized government agencies with actions against our citizens. In August 2016, then CIA Director John Brennan briefed Barack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden, and other senior Administration officials about Hillary Clinton’s game plan to steal the 2016 election from Trump, which the FBI later called Crossfire Hurricane.

President Obama and VP Biden should have terminated this unconstitutional, treasonous act immediately. However, the Obama Administration enabled it through the FBI, CIA, and DOJ actions. The Durham Report later confirmed there was no precedent for Crossfire Hurricane. However, these Patterns of Behavior were set three weeks after Obama was inaugurated when his Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Jim Clapper and John Brennan moved a CIA Special Access Program using cyber warfare called Hammer/Scorecard that was used to listen to adversaries and change election results to Ft Washington MD and listen to political adversaries in America. Obama used it in the 2012 Election to win Florida. Again, more constitutional violations by the Obama Administration.

The 2020 Election saw the most flagrant voting violations in history, documented by Dinesh D’Souza’s video documentary 2000 Mules and Joseph Fried’s Book Debunked, highlighting why accurate audits are needed in American Elections today. For instance, Pennsylvania had 202,377 more ballots than voters, so someone had a printing press, yet Vice President Pence did not contest this illegal certification on 6 Jan 2021 at the Electoral College. Biden won eighty-one million votes, yet Obama’s highest was 66.8 million in 2008. It has not passed the smell test, yet anybody who questions it is branded a disbeliever. We will show you why this election is the keystone to significant acts of treason never experienced in US History. Global elites, Wall Street profiteers, and foreign adversaries have compounded treasonous acts against our Republic.

“We the People” must dutifully fix our Republic and hold trustworthy 2024 elections. We must have a “spiritual awakening” that brings equal justice, honesty, faith, and integrity back to our elected representatives, officials, and employees at all levels of government (Federal, State, and County). We must follow our Constitution that we have sworn to “uphold against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

This book provides understanding, incentives, and future actions by all of us to “Right the Ship of State.” We must set a bright course for a proud America where our children can prosper and live in happiness and freedom: God Bless America, the Land of the free and home of the brave.


“Treason is now the single most important enemy of human freedom. Throughout the world, leaders are betraying their own people and nations to crush them beneath an overwhelming, unaccountable, global governance. The great authors of this book will enable us to face the treasonous predators who have corrupted America and the world and threaten us with the destruction of individualism and liberty everywhere. Read this steppingstone to human liberty.”

Peter R. Breggin, M.D.

“Treason is a an extremely strong word—a word not to be taken lightly. Connect enough dots, though, as Generals McInerney and Vallely superbly do for readers here—from election interference, blatant corruption, border insecurity, disastrous energy policy, and potentially compromised foreign policy for starters—and a compelling case is made for “treason” being the correct word. Read this excellent book, become informed, and have your eyes opened.”

Rod Bishop, Lt Gen USAF (Retired)

“If a tenth of the American people had the grit and determination of General Vallely, General McInerney and Mary Fanning, we would not find our country in the crisis that we face today. In TREASON they make a horrifying and compelling argument that for the first time in history there may be a traitor in the White House.”

Jack Maxey, U. S. Navy (Ret.), Anchor of War Room (Ret.)

“This book provides insights into the vast corruption existing in our government and major institutions such as the social and mainstream media, academia, our education system, corporate America, our justice system, our bureaucracies, and beyond. A compelling case is made for the traditional definition of treason to be amended to include deliberate acts from domestic sources designed to harm our Constitutional Republic. The loss of election integrity and the rule of law, amplified by widespread government/private censorship, is doing great harm to our Republic. A call for spiritual awakening is made as the essential response to the assault on our freedoms and traditional values.”

MG Joseph Arbuckle, US Army (Ret.)

“When the American citizen does not know there is an enemy within, committing treason, that Invisible Treason will hopelessly betray him. This is such an  important book for all Americans. Each author listed has experience, courage, insight, and a relentless desire to preserve our great country—and to offer solutions that we the people can implement. Let’s drag this treason into the light of day!”

Lee Kessler, author of the White King Series

“As a former FBI agent who worked day and night with my colleagues to protect Americans from the insider threat of communism and its toxic ideology, I am saddened and appalled that today’s FBI is silent and ineffective as we face the real possibility of a spy in the Oval Office. Invisible Treason reports the facts that should keep Americans awake at night about the fragile state of our nation under the current Democratic Party regime of leftists, socialists, and communist ideologues, who now occupy prominent positions of power inside America’s institutions.

Just as they have spent collective decades on the foreign and domestic battlefronts of national security, the authors have focused their considerable skills to bring us Invisible Treason, unafraid to stand up for America and its Constitution as they have done so many times before in their respective careers. We owe them our gratitude for their courage to speak out at this significant crossroads in our history.”

Terry D Turchie, Deputy Assistant Director, Counterterrorism, FBI (Ret.)

“Invisible Treason in America pulls the cloak off the hidden enemies who are destroying our nation today. Elections are stolen in plain sight, but our corrupted and weaponized Department of Justice and intelligence agencies hide the crimes and use lawfare to attack and imprison patriots who dare to question their fraud. The top-level corruption is so pervasive that Americans don’t even know who the puppet masters are behind our senile POTUS, the bribe-taking serial liar Joe Biden. Invisible Treason makes a convincing case that George Soros and other anti-American globalists are directing former president Barack Obama to pull the White House puppet strings for their benefit and against the interests of the United States.

The authors describe how the United States is currently under a non-kinetic but very real 5th Generation Warfare attack. The enemy is inside the wire. They ask, how would a foreign enemy act any differently than the domestic traitors who have been installed to lead our country to destruction and ruin? These traitors have wrecked our military through their divisive woke policies, they have burned through our war stocks by sending them to the Ukraine, they have drained our Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and they have opened our borders to the entire world, allowing millions of unvetted fighting-aged men into our country along with weapons and enough fentanyl to kill tens of thousands of Americans every year.

Until Americans come to grips with the totality of this unfolding catastrophe by identifying our enemies and their strategies, there is no chance to defeat these traitors and return America to its righteous constitutional path. Generals McInerney and Vallely show us the way forward.”

Matthew Bracken , Author of the Enemies Foreign and Domestic novels

“The well-storied men and women that authored this book embody their lives and feelings with one sentence, ‘For us, who raised our right hand and swore the oath, we believe in the oath and that it is worth dying for.’ Invisible Treason in America is a national call and our last chance to stand together to salvage our Republic and honor all those who have perished trying to do the same. May God bless these invincible souls!

“It’s a beautiful piece of work – like the others before it. You have much to be proud of. I deeply admire your adherence to your life-long convictions. I stand in awe of you all. God bless you for your tireless works.”

Todd Callender, Attorney, CEO Cotswold Group of Companies, CEO of CloutHub/TruthHUB

“Some of the most knowledgeable experts in the nation on the subject of this book, especially during the present dangerous and evil time.”

Charles Jones, B/Gen. USAFR

“Moral cowards are natural traitors. They travel in packs and hate each other. The toxicity spreads. Banishment is but one solution.”

Michael Yon, Green Beret (Ret.), Investigative Journalist

“In this bold and thought-provoking book, the Authors fearlessly dive into the depths of one of humanity’s most gripping and unsettling topics: Treason. With meticulous research and a piercing intellect, they not only unravel the historical context of treason but also examine its resurgence in recent times, particularly in the contentious aftermath of the 2020 election. From the elusive plot surrounding Hammer and Scorecard, to the revelation of guilty individuals and organizations, this compelling exploration of treason challenges us to confront the very nature of disloyalty and its profound impact on society. Prepare yourself to be enlightened. Invisible Treason in America is an unflinching journey into the shadows that will leave readers questioning the boundaries of loyalty and the fragile nature of our Republic.”

John B Wells, Ark Midnight Intelligence Briefing

Invisible Treason in America  provides significant insights into what has been done to cause America’s decline and names those who are responsible. It is important, especially for those of us who were sent to engage the forces of communism on America’s behalf, that we are aware of those who have betrayed us and discarded our sacrifice and to ensure that our children and those who succeed us are armed with this knowledge so that all will be aware of the traitors identities and be able to deal with them when the opportunity presents itself.  These authors and researchers provide an invaluable service to the American people.

One merely needs review the table of contents to realize that this book is a must, not only for those who continue to abide by their oath to defend and protect the Constitution and the citizens of the United States from all enemies  foreign and domestic but for all Americans who love our nation and who are willing to sacrifice to preserve it.

We can do no less than educate ourselves as to the enemies of freedom, and their efforts to take it from us, so that we ensure that we never forsake it and lose it.”

John J. Molloy, OSJ Chairman, National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition

“There are some books that must be read by loyal Americans simply because of the stature of its author. The Two Mikes wholeheartedly endorse this book because of Lt. General Thomas McInerney’s participation in its production. We know the General well, and his is a record of valor and heroism in war and peace.”

Dr Michael Scheuer , Former Chief of the Osama Bin Laden Unit at the CIA's Counterterrorism Center Col Mike, Former liaison, and contractor to Southeast Asia The National Security Hour / America Out Loud /IHEART Radio

It is urgent for every American who loves our country and understands our Constitutional Republic and its safeguards to read INVISIBLE TREASON IN AMERICA, and its dedication to preserving America as our Founders envisioned and our ancestors fought and died to maintain. America as we know it hangs by a thread on the precipice of being taken over in a complete totalitarian coup from within. You must understand the enormity of the threat, from enemies both foreign and domestic. Learn what every citizen must do now to protect lives, families, freedom, and our Nation.

Read this book as if your life depends on it…because it does.

Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD, CEO and President of the Board Truth for Health Foundation, a 501(c)(3)