Soft Target looks like a prize winner to me. So good luck, keep writing, and stay well…”
Tony Hillerman, Outstanding novelist, gentleman, mentor, and friend, 1925-2008. Tony was one of the great ones.

“It’s a gripping tale and a dramatic depiction of what ‘civil rights as usual’ does in the face of islamofascism.”

Roger G. Smith, MD, Naval Aviator and author of Guppy Pilot
“John Trudel’s Raven’s Run is among the best in the spy thriller genre. His wholly original ‘star,’ Josie, and the patriotic, but slightly jaded Raven, race time, space, and events from history – you only thought you knew – to stop America’s #1 enemy from getting the weapon that could turn out the lights in the U.S. once and for all.”
Victoria Taft, Radio Host, audio book narrator, and producer

“John Trudel’s latest thriller, Soft Target, is his best yet. The dialogue is punchy and gives the reader wonderful insight into his characters. This is a must-read for thriller lovers.”

Joseph Badal, Author of The Lone Wolf Agenda
“Trudel has hit the center ring with this book. DEAD ON! I’m going to make sure I can get my hands on his other books. This is definitely 21st century ideas, plots, and solutions. This is one you’ll have to fight yourself to put it down before you reach the end. Thanks for a great experience and the knowledge that came from it. Don’t pass this one up.”
Kindle Customer, Reader, posted on Amazon

“As with all of John D. Trudel’s thrillers, Ravens Run takes the reader on a hair-raising ride into the realm of terror with a glimpse of what our future might be. Trudel’s books just get better and better.”

Joseph Badal, Award-Winning Author of The Lone Wolf Agenda
“Fantastic story! I had to keep remembering that it was fiction. It is a book you just cannot put down once you start. I cannot wait till Raven’s Redemption comes out.”
Ray A., Reader, posted on Amazon
“This story catches hold and does not let go. It mixes reality with storyline and great to read. I look forward to the sequel.”
Timothy Kling, Reader, posted on Amazon