“You’re in the first row of a slowly climbing rollercoaster. Behind you, closing fast, are the American President and his enforcers, assisted by UN Peace Forces and a powerful foreign government—all bent on your annihilation and that of your technology. Then prepare for a dizzying plunge into a breathtaking, unexpected conclusion.  It’s a ride worth taking with author John D. Trudel whose writing skills will captivate you.”

WR. Park, Author of twelve suspense-thrillers acclaimed by bestselling authors.

"Privacy Wars: A Cybertech Thriller hit me as such a realistic storyline that it could easily be a non-fiction in the not so near future. The loss of privacy and the government intervention into the private and corporate worlds were way too real.  I have a hard time focusing on reading, but this read was way too good to put down for very long. The characters were very lifelike and the descriptions were awesome. This is a definite 5-star read. It is riveting and the action lends it to someday be movie and definitely one I would love to go see. John Trudel has a winner here."

G. R. Holton, award winning Author of DEEP SCREAMS

“Trudel has a remarkable talent for maintaining an atmosphere of brittle tension. This, combined with an uncanny instinct for what perplexes most of us in this new tech age and its inherent threats to our privacy and our basic freedoms, makes for a gripping thriller.”

Roger Croft, author of Spy Thrillers in the le Carré tradition.

“In Privacy Wars, John Trudel knows his audience and like a guided missile seeking the target, accurately and explosively delivers in his new book on Cybertech.”

John Zodrow, Author of The Sins Of War

“In Privacy Wars, John Trudel pens a Thriller that is a sure bet to grab you, carrying you along on a trip into the darker side of technological intrigue. Trudel's characters are gritty, genuine, and vulnerable; his plots masterfully crafted. Privacy Wars will propel you into another fascinating read in the wake of last year's God's House.”

David F. DeHart, Author, Shadow Plots

"Remember when you read your first book by an authentically professional author? This is another one of those times. John Trudel’s Privacy Wars is a unique work of sheer audacity, and is a certain winner among those who love a mystery that creates a futuristic-but-palpable synergy of international gangsters, brilliant technological acumen, the dynamics of irrational political power, and the essence of free-market societies. Don’t miss this one!"

Ron Ruthfield, Author, The Capital Underground

“John Trudel's Privacy Wars does more than just provide plenty of entertaining reading. It issues a warning to all lovers of freedom that freedom is what we lose when we grant power to others. This thriller has elements of 1984 and Atlas Shrugged, but is replete with modern technology and high-tech-based adventure. Highly recommended!”

Joseph Badal, Author of Shell Game

Privacy Wars is imaginative, interesting, and grounded in reality. As a high-technology patent lawyer, I see an accurate depiction of today’s legal and political context, and a thriller driven by plausible extrapolations of current technology and science. But this story is so much more: Good vs. Evil and Freedom vs. Tyranny, with the high-stakes conflict played out by everyday heroes in exotic settings. It's a timeless tale of romance, humanity, and hope underpinned by archeological-fact-based legend. Highly recommended.”

Alex C. Johnson, Jr., Partner, Marger Johnson & McCollom, P.C.

“Privacy Wars opens with a bang and continues to grip. I often wondered if I were reading a conspiracy satire or a future history. And I kept reading.”

Jerry Pournelle, Best Selling Author, Chaos Manor

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