Readers and colleagues (along with some bookstores that shun Amazon) have been telling me for some time that I needed to get my books into more channels. They were correct, but a huge amount of work was involved to republish. It took me time to get to this.

I'm finally doing it! Getting into all the distribution channels is now my #1 priority.

My paper novels are already available wherever books are sold. Any bookstore in the world can order them through their normal channels, but my books published by CreateSpace (Amazon) are not returnable. Bookstores hate that! In 2017, I'm republishing all my novels on Ingram Sparks, a publisher which is perceived in the industry as more "bookstore friendly."

New paper versions of the Raven's series will be out 1Q2017 both in hard and soft cover from Ingram Sparks. The rest of my novels will follow them as soon as possible.

E-books go faster. Around the end of 2016, perhaps even by Christmas, all my e-books will be available on any platform in the world. The Raven’s series is already out and up. Next will be Soft Target.

2017 will also see the release of my novels as audio books. Raven's Run will be first.

This order page has "one-click links" to some of the largest book sellers, plus a listing of some 60 other good sources of e-books. As an Indy author, I choose not to take sides in "the book wars."

If I’ve missed any major channels, please have them contact me so I can list them here as well.

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Kindle Prime = free, fast shipping.

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Kobo has biggest Market Share in Canada and worldwide.

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Libraries can order books through their normal channels in both eBook and paper formats. Please ask your local library to stock the book. Thank you.

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